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Avoid / Manage Injury

Suji helps athletes manage training volume to avoid overtraining injuries and maintain muscular performance during de-loading periods.

Blood flow restriction combined with low-intensity-exercise promotes muscular adaptations comparable to high-load strength training programmes. Suji uses BFR technology to create muscular adaptations using 70% less intense exercise. Why wouldn’t you just use high-load strength training programmes?

For athletes avoiding overtraining injuries, incorporating Suji into your weekly training programme 2-5 times per week and reducing the number high-intensity training sessions can reduce muscular fatigue whilst maintaining -and often improving- strength and endurance performance.

Supplementing Suji to normal exercise can improve strength up to 30% and endurance by 31% [1].

For athletes who cannot tolerate high intensity exercise Suji can be used as a supplement to maintain or improve muscular strength or performance.

For a deep dive into the science learn more in our blog series. Professional rugby player, Duhan Van Der Merwe, explains how he utilises Suji in the video below.