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Suji-System Approved: Edinburgh Rugby review with Duhan Van Der Merwe

Suji “has helped me a lot with my lower body strength. After struggling with Patellar Tendonitis [knee pain] for the…

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BFR Training and Tendinopathy

Introduction: Tendinopathy is an overuse injury classified by localized tendon pain and is often associated with histopathological changes within the…

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How is Suji improving the standard of BFR training?

Introduction: Blood flow restriction training (BFR) has emerged as a popular training strategy to achieve improvements in muscle mass and…

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Case Study – BFR Training and Eccentric Hamstring Strength

Introduction: Eccentric (ECC) hamstring strength is a key physical quality in mitigating soft tissue injury risk and improving physical performance.…

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Case Study – BFR training in the elderly

Introduction: In previous blogs I have alluded to the benefits of BFR training in elderly populations (Who should use BFR…

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BFR training and muscle growth

BFR training has evolved as an effective training tool to increase muscle mass and muscle strength (What is BFR). To…

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Blood Flow Restriction Exercise and Pain.

Exercise has the capacity to relieve, and decrease sensitivity to muscle and joint pain. This is called exercise-induced hypoalgesia (EIH)…

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