March 23, 2020|By Alex Birks

Suji-System Approved: Edinburgh Rugby review with Duhan Van Der Merwe

Suji “has helped me a lot with my lower body strength. After struggling with Patellar Tendonitis [knee pain] for the last 4-5 years it started getting me back to double [training] sessions again.” – Duhan Van Der Merwe, Professional Rugby Player: Suji Review.

For the last 6 months professional rugby player, Duhan Van Der Merwe, has been using the Suji-System to supplement his training each morning. As someone who struggles from knee pain, Duhan must moderate the volume of high-intensity training he does – this is where Suji adds tremendous value and we think it is safe to say Duhan agrees! Although don’t take our word for it, check out the Suji review video starring Duhan below.

Suji helps athletes avoid/manage injury, improve performance, and recover faster. Designed with professionals in sport yet developed to be used by anybody Suji is very simple to use: Whether you are a 24-year-old professional rugby player moderating training load due to knee pain or a 40-year-old CrossFit athlete looking to moderate training volume to avoid overtraining fatigue/injury and improve muscular performance. Suji can help.

Check out how Suji can improve performance in our blog series.

 “The team at Suji have done a terrific job. Their cuffs are incredibly durable, the materials they’ve used are top quality so we haven’t had issues with players breaking equipment: They are built to last. [Suji] is incredibly simple for our players to use.” – Luke Vella, Edinburgh Rugby Strength & Conditioning Coach.

Using Suji is simple. Secure the cuff to the top-most portion of the working limbs, login to your Suji profile from any smart device on the Suji-App, choose your desired outcome (improve quad strength or building fatigue resistance would be two examples), Suji will prescribe a personalized workout. Accept the workout to train and repeat this a couple of times per week for up to 20 minutes: It really is that simple.

Find out more about the Suji-System here.

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