Suji Device Approved: Edinburgh Rugby review with Duhan Van Der Merwe

"After struggling with Patellar Tendonitis for 5 years Suji Device got me back to double exercise sessions again." - Duhan Van Der Merwe, Professional Rugby Player: Suji Review.

For the last 6 months professional rugby player, Duhan Van Der Merwe, has been using Suji Device to supplement his training each morning. As someone who struggles from knee pain, Duhan must carefully manage his exercise volume. Duhan uses Suji in the morning as part of a structured warm up to provide himself a "pain free training window" to continue the rest of his training day  pain free. Although don't take our word for it, check out the Suji review video starring Duhan above. 

"The team at Suji have done a terrific job. Their cuffs are incredibly durable, the materials they've used are top quality so we haven't had issues with players breaking equipment: They are built to last. is incredibly simple for our players to use." - Luke Vella, Edinburgh Rugby Strength & Conditioning Coach.

Find our more about how Suji Device works check out the "How it Works" section on our website.

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