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Article: Announcing our new partner, SIU!

Announcing our new partner, SIU!

Announcing our new partner, SIU!

At Suji, we’re dedicated to providing athletes and teams with the tools they need to reach their peak performance. Today, we are thrilled to highlight the Southern Illinois University Men’s Basketball program (SIU) as Suji becomes their Trusted Recovery Technology Partner.

SIU’s Commitment to Excellence

Riley Hoistad, the Athletic Trainer for the SIU Men’s Basketball, recently shared his enthusiasm for incorporating Suji into the team’s regimen:

Setting the Standard in Recovery

SIU’s partnership with Suji underscores a shared vision for athletic excellence and optimal recovery. The tailored recovery sessions powered by Suji’s innovative technology will ensure that the team’s athletes are always at their prime, both at home and on the road.

Our Gratitude

Here’s to a successful partnership and an even more successful season ahead!

Warm regards,
The Suji Team.

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