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Portable, gold standard and affordable BFR training equipment to help keep your athlete readiness high. Light weight and compact to make travel easy. And offering gold standard BFR equipment so you don’t have to compromise. Suji is a lot for BFR equipment for a lot less than you expect.

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Oh. So. Pro.

Suji’s pro mode saves time and makes athlete onboarding frictionless.

✓ Athlete profile creation

✓ Personalized pressure calibration

✓ % based pressure setting

✓ Exercise logs

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Simply Effective BFR Equipment

Profile Creation

From your smart device create your athletes profile using a name and email address; don't sweat email verification - we handle that later.

Limb Calibration

Let Suji calculate the athletes personalised pressure in under 2 minutes. Forget repeat calibrations because Suji remembers each athlete's calibrated values.


Use Suji's quick inflate to jump right in with your own exercise sessions or find a tailored exercise recommendation from the Suji explore tab.

Considering a multi device purchase? Contact us for bundle purchase options.

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