Muscle Recovery

Suji can be used as part of a passive or active recovery regime to reduce muscular fatigue.

Suji makes use of BFR technology to increase blood circulation to minimize fatigue and reduce recovery.

When exercising you cause minor tears to muscle fibers: Post-exercise inflammation will occur which causes soreness, often referred to as DOMS.

By incorporating Suji into an active or passive recovery regime you can speed up the recovery process that your body’s lymphatic and vascular systems naturally perform. Suji uses pneumatic compressions to increases blood around the muscles and help rid the accumulated lactic waste in your muscles faster than your body will naturally.

How can I incorporate this into active or passive recovery?

Active recovery would involve using an exercise bike or rower at a very low intensity in combination with the Suji-System. Suji would be used post-exercise or on specific recovery days for between 5 to 20 minutes. Suji’s app would guide you through setup and use.

Passive recovery is used when idol and non-weight bearing (sitting on the couch for example) and would compress and decompress the muscles for up to 15 minutes.

Check out our product page for more information or our blogs for some science.