How does it work?

Limb Compression

By compressing the top of the limb, blood flow leaving a set of working muscles is reduced, creating a state of reduced oxygen to replicate high-intensity exercise.

As a result, when training at low-intensities, injured and healthy athletes or patients can benefit from improvements to the muscles, tendons, and bone.

20 years of research

Grounded in decades of science

Researched for over 20 years, BFR exercise has become increasingly prevalent amongst physiotherapy clinics and elite athletes used as a means to rehabilitate from injury and improve athletic performance

Before Suji

Access to BFR training was possible only in the presence of a certified physiotherapist, with inflation equipment worth over $6000.

After Suji

Bring compression training to your home or gym and yield BFR training benefits anywhere, anytime.

Suji BFR technology uses exercise and health data to personalise and effectively incorporate BFR training into your exercise regime.

Pain Relief

Enjoy reduced soreness with Suji by tackling exercise induced and chronic joint pain. Complete up to 20 minutes with Suji each day to reduce joint pain by 70%.

Stronger Muscles

Improve muscle strength with Suji. By targeting specific muscle groups you can improve muscle strength by 31%. Stronger muscles prevent joint pain and improve athletic performance.

Build Fatigue Resistance

Go further, faster with Suji. Increase time to exhaustion by effectively incorporating compression training into an aerobic exercise regime.

Build Muscle

Support your joints and improve athletic performance with Suji's muscle building programmes.