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Business Development & Sales

Business Development & Sales
(1 position available)

Job Title

Business Development & Sales Lead

Company Description 

Suji is a VC-backed sports and health technology company which utilises the science of blood flow restriction training (BFR) to optimise physical performance. Suji's hardware and software combine limb compression and low intensity exercise, enabling people of all ages, shapes, and sizes to improve performance, reduce joint pain, and recover faster. Suji’s mobile application integrates flawlessly with our hardware to calibrate and provide the correct compression for each user.  

After completing a highly coveted 4-month accelerator program with leAD Sports & Health Tech, Suji is now a global entity and is distributed between Edinburgh, Scotland and Lake Nona, Florida, USA, with some of the team working remotely.

Not convinced on BFR yet? Here are some of our paying customers to date!



Not only have these institutes bought and validated our product, many are keen to engage in developmental partnerships which you will personally oversee.
Suji is seeking to double or even triple its team in the coming months, of which at least one business development and sales lead will be welcomed.

Job Description

You will play an important part in our business development practice, taking lead on critical business partnerships, and driving direct sales to professional sports teams. Above all, your work will impact the way people rehabilitate and train.

Job Requirements

  • Travel to North American sports institutions to provide product demonstrations
  • Manage key partnerships with professional sports institutions
  • Work with the Suji executive team on core business development activities to
    grow market share

Who You Are

  • You are highly motivated and driven performance targets
  • You enjoy forging new, and maintaining existing, relationships
  • You are highly organised with proven ability to control multiple projects
  • You have some experience in partnership management, sales and marketing, business development, or similar
  • You show eagerness towards commercial development and company value creation

Job Salary Range & Holidays

  • You will start as a consultant for Suji with pay reflecting up to $65K per annum, depending on experience
  • Commission based on sales targets achieved
  • During, or immediately after, the consultancy period you may be converted to a full-time position in which you will receive:
    • Attractive share options package - note: Suji is about to close a seed investment round
    • 38 days holiday per annum

Working Location

  • North America and willing to travel; use of the Lake Nona office is welcomed

Application Process

  1. Submit your CV or resume via this form (this will open a new window)
  2. Culture screening with panel
  3. Interview with sales team
  4. Job offer

We look forward to hearing from you. Please reach out to if you have any questions.

Note: Each stage of the process will determine whether you progress to the next stage. It is not guaranteed that you will progress through the entire process. All applicants will receive notice of progression. Written feedback will be provided on request at Stage 1, and always provided for Stage 2 and Stage 3.

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