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Suji Device Hardware

Suji Hardware

Compression that cuts out the cables

Cable free for easy exercise. This reliable device employs the proven benefits of BFR exercise into a portable unit you can use anywhere. Fully controlled by the Suji app, it takes the guesswork out of BFR training with in-app guidance and exercise programs. Tried and tested by the world's top sporting institutes, elite athletes, and physical therapists.

Oh. So. Pro.

Suji’s Pro Mode saves time and makes new profile creation frictionless.

Qucikly setup new clients, automatically calculate LOP in under 90 seconds, and view and control clients accounts easily in one sport from one beautiful dashboard.

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It’s time to get personal

With Suji’s personal mode to guide you every step of the way, you can confidently set yourself up.

Suji App Screen Recovery
Suji App Screen Positioning your body
Suji App Screen Programs

What’s included?

Carry Case
A convenient way to store the equipment that fits in your backpack.

Handheld Device
The control unit.

Compression Cuffs
A set of two comes as standard. Additional sets can be ordered in varying sizes.

Charging Cable
Micro USB to USB charging cable.

Kettlebells NOT included.
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