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Training with Suji is simple - see for yourself

Suji’s ease of use makes employing BFR exercise simple and affordable. Even in group training environments. Offering portable, gold standard, equipment Suji enables you to use BFR training in even more ways. Choose between our in app guided exercise programmes or quick inflate functionality to use your own.Learn more now, book a demo.

Create a profile
for client use or personal use
Connect to Suji
with BLE and control wirelessly
Calibrate with Suji
Suji automatically calculates personalised pressures in under 2 minutes. Completed once and saved to your profile.
Set Personalised Pressures
Set pressures based on a % of limb occlusion pressures
Exercise cable free
Unrestricted exercise. No cables, no hassle.
Self-reporting logs

Ready to get started?
Follow these simple steps


Your First Session

Create profile

Suji enables rapid profile creation for trainers who work with multiple clients and single profile creation for individual users.

Automatically Calculate LOP

In under 2 minutes, Suji automatically calculates a user's Limb Occlusion Pressure (LOP). Storing in their profile, recalibration is possible but not necessary.

Browse Recommended Exercises

Unsure of the best BFR exercises? Let Suji help you. Browse exercises quickly based on desired outcome.

Quick Session

Not interested in a guided session? Want to complete your own? Use Suji's quick inflate to quickly set the right personalised pressure for you.

Considering a multi device purchase? Contact us for bundle purchase options.

Book a demo.

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