Suji puts the technology used in clinical practice into your hands

Suji employs the principles of BFR exercise. BFR exercise modifies blood flow to working muscles and reduces blood flow leaving the muscle to create a state of reduced oxygen, replicating high-intensity exercise.

As a result, when training at low-intensities, adults of all ages and physical abilities can enjoy reduced joint soreness and improved physical wellbeing

Personalised pain mitigation

Tell Suji about you

Suji starts by learning about your wellness profile and desired outcome to create programmes specifically for you.

If you're experiencing joint or muscle pain, add your pain level to create a personalised programme.

Each Suji session will be stored in your exercise log, so you can monitor your progress throughout the programme.

Use pre or post workout

Warm up with Suji

Suji Device can be used just before or after normal exercise. Pain mitigation results can be seen in days and muscle performance improvements in weeks.

BFR training brought to you

Blood flow restriction for personalised pain mitigation

BFR training has been used extensively in professional sports for over 5 years, helping elite athletes to recover quicker from injuries and preventing setbacks to training.

BFR Science

Improve physical wellbeing

Relieve pain and improve performance

Integrating Suji as little as two times a week will help you exercise and move with less pain and improved physical wellbeing

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1. Wrap

Wrap high around your upper thigh to target quadriceps, hamstring, calfs and glutes, or high up on your arm to target biceps, triceps, forearm, shoulders or chest.

2. Connect

Attach the pump to the cuffs, open up the Suji App and inflate.

You can disconnect the pump once the cuffs are inflated without losing pressure.

3. Exercise

Choose a programme on the Suji App and begin your workout.


Connect and use your Suji Device

If you're connecting to Suji for the first time, calibrate once for Suji to learn your body's optimal compression level.

Setup Guide