Whether you are experiencing tightness in your shoulders or recovering from a rotator cuff injury, rehabilitation involves building shoulder muscles and stretching to improve mobility and flexibility.

Suji employs the principles of Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) training, allowing you to continue exercising safely and effectively, reducing shoulder pain and initiating hypertrophy and strength gains early in the rehabilitation, while minimizing unnecessary stress on healing tissues. Discover a series of personalised BFR training programmes on the Suji mobile app designed to address your shoulder problems.

Ross’ Shoulder Journey with Suji

Ross, a 30-year-old gym owner suffered from shoulder pain that stopped him from doing overhead exercises. His shoulder performance has since changed with Suji.

“The difference between the prior usage of BFR and Suji to now has been massive.

For me, Suji allows you to integrate it into a gym environment really, really easily.

Thinking about our members in here, everybody wants to be training regularly and you struggle to get them to deload. With this system, we find that we can deload the body and keep people moving, whether it be just from a rest and recovery point of view or rehab - and ultimately improve performance."


Pain Relief


Stronger Muscles


Fatigue Resistance


Muscle Gain

Tell Suji Your Current Pain Rating

On the Suji mobile app, select Shoulder under Pain Mitigation in the Explore tab. Tell Suji your current pain rating.

Follow tailored exercise programmes

Suji then generates a recommended exercise programme for you with the goal to help mitigate your shoulder pain. The programme can last up to 6 weeks. Follow a simple day or week session structure, with an optional video demo to guide you through the exercises.

Track and monitor your training

Suji helps you track your progress. View your training log by selected dates to get an overview or breakdown of you completed exercise sessions, including the session notes you may have added.