Meet your rehab and performance companion

Personalised inflation pressures.
Guided workouts.
Tailored programmes.
Training log.
And more.

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Browse programmes

Find programmes based on a pain rating for a specific area, or choose from warm ups, hypertrophy or strength based programmes.

Guided video demos

Suji will inflate to an optimal pressure specific to your body.

Follow guided video demos, and store your reps and rest times within the app.

lose track

Had a great session? Find your completed programmes in the Library, and continue exactly where you left off

Monitor your progress

Keep a detailed record of your workouts, and monitor your recovery and performance improvements over time.

Download the Suji App

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Setup your Suji Device

If you're connecting for the first time, calibrate once for Suji to learn your body's optimal compression level.

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Get started with compression training