Suji Device

Cuff Size:

Reduce joint pain and improve muscle performance with Suji’s personalised blood flow restriction training.

Suji compresses your limbs during low intensity exercise to create the same conditions in the muscle as high intensity exercise.

Limb Size  Suggested Cuff Size
< 17" 18"
18" to 23" 24"
24" to 29" 30"
> 30" Contact us
Suji Cuffs x2
Carry Case
Charging cable
Free UK Shipping
12 Month Warranty
30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Keep inflated without hose

Up to 10 sessions on a single charge

Simple setup with Bluetooth® 5.0

Guided training programmes

Meet your recovery and performance companion

Integrating Suji as little as two times a week will help you exercise and move with less pain and improved physical wellbeing.

Used effectively before or after normal exercise Suji can help you mitigate joint pain by over 70% and improve muscle performance by 30%.

Jamie Murray OBE

1. Cuff on

Wrap high around your upper thigh to target quadriceps, hamstring, calfs and glutes, or high up on your arm to target biceps, triceps, forearm, shoulders or chest.

2. Inflate

Attach the pump to the cuffs, open up the Suji App and inflate.

You can disconnect the pump once the cuffs are inflated without losing pressure.

3. Train

Choose a programme on the Suji App and begin your workout.

Get the Suji App

1. Calibrate
Calibrate once to calculate your most safe and effective compression pressures

2. Find a programme
Exercises are auto-generated and personalised to you based on your goals or pain level. Each exercise is accompanied with an optional video to guide you through setup and use.

3. Start your training
Track your progress and let Suji recommend the most optimal training programmes for your recovery

Suji App

Buying for a team?

If you are a professional sports team or organisation considering a multi device purchase, contact us for payment and bundle purchase options.