Suji Basic – Efficient introduction to BFR Training

90 minute (1.5 BOC CEUs) live webinar for up to 20 attendees. 
Suji Basic is our entry level education course to get you up and running quickly and efficiently.  In this course, we will highlight the mechanisms of BFR training and introduce simple and effective training concepts that can be applied across the athletic training practice continuum.
Cuff Size Guide
Limb Size  Suggested Cuff Size
< 17" 18"
18" to 23" 24"
24" to 29" 30"
30" to 33" 34"
34" to 37" 38"
What's in the box
2x sets of Suji Cuffs
BLE Enabled Pump
Carry Case
Charging cable
*"What's in the box" is per Suji Set ordered