Suji Cert (Individual) - Start your BFR Journey by becoming Suji Certified

4 hour (4 BOC CEUs) live webinar. Individual pricing

This innovative education course covers everything you need to get started with Blood Flow Restriction training.  We will study the history and mechanisms of BFR training and learn to apply a variety of BFR principles within the areas of musculoskeletal rehabilitation, sports performance training, pain mitigation and recovery.  Attendees will be equipped with a skillset to program BFR training to fit every athlete’s goals.
Cuff Size Guide
Limb Size  Suggested Cuff Size
< 17" 18"
18" to 23" 24"
24" to 29" 30"
30" to 33" 34"
34" to 37" 38"
What's in the box
2x sets of Suji Cuffs
BLE Enabled Pump
Carry Case
Charging cable
*"What's in the box" is per Suji Set ordered