Suji Cert Premium – Our most advanced and comprehensive Suji education

6 hour (6 BOC CEUs) in-person webinar for up to 20 attendees.

Suji Cert Premium explores everything you need to know about using BFR training in the athletic population during this live, in-person education offering.  This course option not only covers the history and mechanisms of BFR and applications across athletic populations, but we also take an in-depth look at BFR variables such as level of occlusion, duration, load, and dosing to equip you with the advanced training skills that are required to meet the needs of today’s modern athlete.  In the same way that our app based system disrupted the BFR industry, this education system is transforming BFR education.
Cuff Size Guide
Limb Size  Suggested Cuff Size
< 17" 18"
18" to 23" 24"
24" to 29" 30"
30" to 33" 34"
34" to 37" 38"
What's in the box
2x sets of Suji Cuffs
BLE Enabled Pump
Carry Case
Charging cable
*"What's in the box" is per Suji Set ordered