Suji Certification Course - September 30th 2023


Become Suji Certified!

Elevate your Athletic Training with Suji's own BFR (Blood Flow Restriction) CEU Certification, designed specifically for ambitious Athletic Trainers working daily in an elite sport or collegiate sport setting. 

Gain expert insights during this 4-hour webinar, earning 4 BOC-approved CEUs. Discover the science, techniques, and real-world applications of BFR, ensuring safer and more effective training for injury rehabilitation and optimal performance.

This Certification is a webinar format running from 9am - 1pm (CT) on Saturday 30th September 2023

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Join the BFR revolution today!

Cuff Size Guide
Limb Size  Suggested Cuff Size
< 17" 18"
18" to 23" 24"
24" to 29" 30"
30" to 33" 34"
34" to 37" 38"
What's in the box
2x sets of Suji Cuffs
BLE Enabled Pump
Carry Case
Charging cable
*"What's in the box" is per Suji Set ordered