Official product launch in late 2020 & shipping early 2021: Save £££'s by pre-ordering now or sign up below to be amongst the first to be informed of the official release.

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Monthly Payment

Our split payment option is designed to make the Suji-System more accessible by splitting your payment into:

  • x1 £75 payment
  • x7 monthly payments of £25

Included is:

  • x1 Suji-Pump
  • x2 Suji-Cuffs
  • Access to Suji mobile app (To be released on IOS & Android)

Founder edition not available via monthly payment. First payment to be processed immeditaely followed by 7 monthly payments AFTER receiving device. Shipping to UK to commence early 2021 after Founders Edition shipments. If you have not recevied your device by March 2021 you will be entitlted to a full refund.



Available in a range of sizes to comfortably conform to either the upper or lower limb. Hosting a non-return valve during use the Suji-Cuffs are cable-free. Supplied by medical grade manufacturers the cuffs are reliable and offer a premium feel.


Only attached during setup the Suji-Pump is designed to fit within a standard training bag and be carried on travel. The pump wirelessly connects to, and is controlled by, the Suji-App. Simple to use with a one button operation, quick release connector, and rechargeable battery.


The Suji-App controls the entire system and guides users through setup and use with a very simplistic workflow. Users create an account to store their training data and select from a range of suggested BFR training workouts.


Or save £££'s by pre-ordering the Founders Edition now for £159.99! Limited availability.

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