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Training & Performance

Supplementing Suji to a normal exercise regime will help you improve strength and endurance up to 30% more.

Suji uses BFR technology to improve athletic performance: Depending on the exercise selection muscular strength and endurance can be improved.

By increasing motor unit recruitment, promoting muscle protein synthesis (stimulates cells to promote more protein), and increasing circulation of Growth Hormones (By as much as 290 times resting level!) Suji can improve muscular strength.

Depending on exercise selection, using Suji for 20 minutes after normal exercise sessions can improve:

  • Maximum amount of weight you can lift for one repetition (known as 1RM) as much as 30%
  • Muscular strength as much as 23%
  • Angular velocity as much as 13%
  • Maximum voluntary contraction (MVC) of muscle as much as 26%

By increasing glycogen storage (energy storage), increasing stroke volume (amount of blood pumped by heart in one contraction), and reducing work rate (BPM) of heart to deliver oxygen to muscles supplementing Suji to a normal exercise regime can improve muscular endurance by up to 31%.

For more information on using Suji to aid your performance and the science check out our blog series.

When, and how often, do I use Suji in my training?

Suji is used post-normal exercise for around 20 minutes. The Suji-app will guide you through setup and workout.