Perfectly Portable. Built For Professionals.

Suji is a lot of BFR equipment, for a lot less than you’d expect.

Portable and affordable, gold standard BFR training equipment. Light weight and compact to make travel easy. Cable free for complete freedom of movement. Suji is gold standard BFR equipment so you don’t have to compromise.

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Gold Standard. Uncompromised.

Rapid profile creation, speedy LOP calibration

Designed with users in mind and based on scientific research, Suji is considered gold standard BFR equipment. Featuring a contra-indicator survey during profile setup, automated Limb Occlusion Pressue (LOP) calibration - no doppler needed, and guided setup.

Easy to use. Remarkably reliable.

Simply strap in and accurately set personalised pressures. Suji is the easiest to use BFR equipment on the market and is fast becoming the equipment of choice for elite sports teams and athletes.

Details and Specifications


The entire bundle is only 3.3lbs | 1.5kg

Control unit dimensions

60x200x37 mm


Approx. 2 weeks of use per charge
1 hr charge time

Bluetooth technology

BLE 5.0 to connect to Suji App

Carry case dimensions

9.8” x 9” x 5.1”

5cm x 23cm x 13cm

FDA registered

Suji is a registered medical device with the FDA

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