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Avoid Injury
Improve Performance
Recover Faster

Blood flow restriction creates a heavy training stimulus without the impact of intense exercise - now with Suji you can personalise restriction and workout.

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Benefits of the Suji-system



Suji helps athletes manage training volume to avoid overtraining injuries and maintain muscular performance during periods of de-loading.

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Training &

Suji helps improve muscular performance: Athletes can focus on strength or endurance gains depending on exercise selection.

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Used as a passive or active recovery tool, Suji can help to reduce post-exercise muscle soreness.

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Who it's for

Personalised Training

Suji is designed to help athletes of all levels avoid/manage injury, improve training and recover better.

Fitness enthusiasts Elite athletes

Fitness enthusiasts

Maximise your time in the gym. Feel the difference after a single use. See the difference after ten uses. By twenty uses, the Suji-System will be part of your weekly fitness regime.

  • Avoid / Manage Injury
  • Improve Training and Performance
  • Recover Better

Elite athletes

Streamline the process of BFR training whilst providing peace of mind. Measure blood flow in under 2 minutes, at the touch of a button. Integrate with smart device to store training data and prescribe workouts. The whole system is affordable and cable-free.

  • Measures Blood Flow
  • Stores Training Data
  • Cable-Free Workouts

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performance athlete on race track


“The Suji-System has helped me a lot with my lower body strength. After struggling with patellar tendonitis for about 4-5 years it started getting me back to double [training] sessions.”

– Duhan Van Der Merwe, Professional Rugby Player, Scotland Rugby Union