Personalised Compression for Pain Mitigation

Suji Device compresses your limb during exercise to reduce joint pain by 70%.

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It starts with a warm up

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Suji Device is a perfect example of how investing in new solutions can help reduce pain, optimise performance, and recover after injury

Jamie Murray OBE, Professional Tennis Player & Suji Investor

Suji Device is an integral part of how we manage injured players and keep our athletes out on the field.

Dr. Luke Vella, Exercise Physiologist

Suji Device has been integral to gains we have made in the last 6 months. It is robust, and the app is straightforward making it easy to integrate into exercise sessions.

Dr. Gill Myburgh, Strength & Conditiong Coach to Jo Konta

Suji Device provides us an effective solution to support and develop players' strength in any environment. The portability of Suji Device is crucial for our players.

Dan Lewindon, Head of Performance Science & Medicine at the LTA

After struggling with patellar tendonitis for 5 years Suji has got me back to double exercise sessions.

Duhan VD Merwe, Professional Rugby Player

Personalised exercise programmes

Suji Device's one-time calibration feature calculates your most safe and effective compression pressures. Exercises are auto-generated and personalised to you. Each exercise is accompanied with an optional video to guide you through setup and use. In the training log, you can track your progress over time.

Suji Device compression during exercise reduces pain and improves muscle performance

Suji Device compresses the limb during low intensity exercise, reducing blood flow to mimic normal, high intensity, exercise with less stress on the body. Suji Device can be used effectively:

1. Pre/post exercise to help you reduce joint pain

2. As an alternative to normal exercise during periods of "de-loading" to reduce mechanical stress on the body

3. To facilitate improvements in targetted muscle groups

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