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Suji: Engineered

for Professionals.

Discover the future of Blood Flow Restriction exercise technology with Suji Pro, and embrace unparalleled portability.

Elevate your expertise by pairing Suji Pro with Suji’s certified continuing education, and lead the way in injury rehabilitation and exercise recovery.

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What can you do with Suji?


Elevate Your Expertise

Conveniently earn continuing education units with Suji. Take our online courses and become BFR certified today.

Practice Injury Rehabilitation

Use Suji to effortlessly implement gold-standard BFR for one-to-one, or group-based, injury rehabilitation.

Portable Exercise Recovery

Recover from exercise and reclaim luggage space with Suji. Personal and group recovery possible.

Curate your experience

Controlled via Suji’s mobile app, you can quickly inflate to a desired pressure. follow recovery programs, or create your own.




Suji Pro: Redefining Excellence.

Portable. Durable. No Cables.

Through exceptional engineering and craftsmanship, Suji Pro redefines excellence, efficiency, and ease of use. Suji Pro is all you need to employ BFR in clinic or on the road. Quickly setup via the intuitive Suji app to control multiple devices, working with up to ten people simultaneously. Injury rehabilitation and exercise recovery has never been so seamless.

Take a Closer Look.

Suji Pro



A reduced profile that fits in any backpack and weighs only 3.3lbs / 1.5kg.


Tested to withstand 22lbs of drop force and engineered for repetitive use.


Seamless Bluetooth connectivity and 7 hours of use per charge.


FDA registered as a Class 1 medical device.

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Secure Success with the Suji App.

Unlock the full potential of your BFR training with Suji's cutting-edge app. It seamlessly integrates with Suji Pro, providing you with individualised guidance and a customisable experience for you and your clients.


Discover the Details: A Deeper Dive.

The Suji app introduces three game-changing BFR features to use as part of your institutional BFR training: Calibration, Quick Inflate, and Recovery. You and your colleagues can utilise these modalities to train athletes or patients within your custom institution on the Suji app at the touch of a button.

Our bespoke calibration algorithm ensures ideal, safe pressures are used for effective BFR training. Once set, the calibration is saved to your client's profile.

Quick Inflate allows you to quickly reach a desired pressure to actively train under, enhancing metabolic stress, muscle engagement, and performance.

For those additional BFR benefits at home or on-the-go, your clients can use Recovery passively to promote muscle adaptation, growth, and fitness.

Effortlessly Create Institutions

Add and Monitor Clients

Calibrate in under 3 minutes

Multi-Device Control.

Leave behind the era of manual adjustments and individual device control, and effortlessly manage multiple Suji clients. This innovation lets you prioritise clients and supercharges training programs with unrivalled efficiency.

  • Mix and Match Institutions
  • Add Multiple Clients
  • Manage up to 10 Suji Pros
  • Combine BFR Modalities
  • Hot Swap Clients
  • Conduct Group Sessions
  • Report Pain & RPE
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