Suji announces partnership with Purdue Fort Wayne University

Suji is now the Official Recovery Technology Partner of Purdue Fort Wayne's Men's Basketball team, an NCAA D1 team that takes an innovative approach to player performance and recovery.

PFW's training and recovery methodologies align perfectly with Suji's efforts to be the market leader in rehab technology.

In this official announcement video, we see Dan Rosselli, Assistant Athletic Director for Sports Medicine (MBB, MG), and Jon Coffman, Head Basketball Coach share how athletes and medical staff are utilizing Suji to enhance training and improve recovery.

Dan describes Suji as an efficient, safe, and productive way to keep their athletes at their best.

Rosseli brings NBA-level training experience to the team and utilizes 15 Suji devices to help promote the team's development. 

Stay tuned for more updates on how Suji is helping enhance player performance and recovery!

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