Announcing the Launch of Revolutionary CEU Courses on Blood Flow Restriction Training for Athletic Trainers - Powered by Suji


We are thrilled to announce the launch of a groundbreaking set of Continuing Education Units (CEU) courses tailored exclusively for Athletic Trainers – a comprehensive educational program on Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) training. All of our courses and certifications are proudly approved by the Board of Certification (BOC).

Building on the growing success of our state-of-the-art BFR technology, we are excited to empower Athletic Trainers with cutting-edge knowledge and practical skills to revolutionize their training programs.

Introducing Suji – Pioneers in BFR Technology and Education:

At Suji, we are passionate about pushing the boundaries of athletic performance and recovery. As a company that offers state-of-the-art BFR technology, it was a natural progression for us to extend our expertise to the education sector. By developing these specialized CEU courses, we aim to empower Athletic Trainers with the knowledge and practical skills to leverage the immense benefits of BFR training for their athletes.

Unlocking the Power of Blood Flow Restriction Training:

Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) training has emerged as a game-changing technique in the realm of sports medicine. BFR training enables athletes to achieve remarkable physiological adaptations with reduced training loads. The advantages of BFR training are vast and we want to empower Athletic Trainers to utilize BFR across a range of use cases.

Our CEU courses offer Athletic Trainers an unparalleled opportunity to delve into the science, principles, and practical applications of BFR training. Developed by industry-leading experts, these courses provide a comprehensive curriculum that equips professionals with the expertise to optimize athletic performance and facilitate efficient injury recovery.

Course Highlights:

  • Fundamentals of BFR Training: This course serves as a comprehensive introduction to BFR training, covering the fundamental principles, safety considerations, and optimal application techniques. Participants will gain a deep understanding of the physiological effects of BFR training and learn how to tailor protocols for various athletes and performance goals.
  • BFR Training for Rehabilitation: Focused on the practical application of BFR in the rehabilitation setting, this course equips Athletic Trainers with specialized strategies to optimize recovery and expedite return-to-play protocols. Participants will learn how to develop individualized rehabilitation plans and adapt BFR interventions for different injuries.
  • Advanced BFR Training Techniques: Designed for seasoned Athletic Trainers, this advanced course explores cutting-edge techniques and protocols in BFR training. Participants will gain in-depth knowledge of optimizing training variables, advanced occlusion strategies, and integrating BFR with other training modalities to maximize performance enhancement.


 Suji – the pioneers in BFR technology, have now released cutting-edge CEU course for Athletic Trainers. Approved by the BOC, these courses are poised to revolutionize athletic training practices, equipping Athletic Trainers with the knowledge and practical skills to optimize performance and expedite injury recovery. Embrace this unique opportunity to stay at the forefront of sports medicine and unlock the potential of BFR training for your athletes. For more information click here or contact us at

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